Literary December Program 2022

25th November at 6.30 pm – Villacidro, Don Bosco Theater
Word, Singular, Feminine
Speakers: Viola Ardone, writer
Ilaria Porceddu, singer-songwriter
Maria Francesca Chiappe, Journalist and Writer
Simone Tempia, Writer
Lucidosottile, Actresses, Choreographers
Presents: Stefania Pusceddu
With the extraordinary participation of the Il Giardino di Lu Association.

November 26th at 5.15 pm – Villacidro, Cadoni Mill
Round Table: Women of books. Dialogue in three voices on the world of publishing
Francesca Chiappa, Editor for Hacca Edizioni
Benedetta Centovalli, Editor
Francesca Colletti, Marketing and digital Manager of the Neri Pozza publishing house
Coordinated by Ciro Auriemma
Club spokesperson: Alessandra Ghiani
26th November at 7.00 pm
Felicia Kingsley presents “Ti aspetto a Central Park” – Newton Compton Publishers
Dialogue with the writer Simonetta Selloni

26 November at 6.30pm – Sassari, at Vittorio Emanuele Hotel
Simone Tempia presents “Il Piero or la ricerca di una felicità” – Published by Rizzoli Lizard
Dialogue with the writer Emiliano Longobardi

27 November at 6.30 pm – Cagliari, Il Lazzaretto
Felicia Kingsley presents “Ti aspetto a Central Park” – Newton Compton Publishers
Dialogue with the writer Manuela Arca

1st Dicember at 6.30 pm – Nuoro, Spazio Ilisso
All around… Poetry
Introduces: Cabudanne de sos poetes Festival
Anna Segre, Poetess
Giulia Martini, poetess
Beatrice Zerbini, Poetess
Francesco Ottonello, Poet
Andrea Melis coordinates

9 December at 18.30 – Villacidro, Meeting Room – Episcopal Seminary
Tokoua Ben Mohamed presents “Crescere in Mozambico” – Becco Giallo publishing house
dialogue with the writer Flavio Soriga

10th December at 10.30 am – Villacidro, Aula Magna Classical and Linguistic High School “E. Piga”
Takoua Ben Mohamed meets and dialogues with students on human rights and their application 74 years after the entry into force of the Universal Declaration of Human Rights

10th December at 6.30 pm – Sassari, Vittorio Emanuele Hotel
Women of Sardinia in the pages of Antas
Pina Monne, Artist
Maria Fois Maglione, President of Il Giardino di Lu Association
Sara Bachamann, Artist
Coordinators: Alessandra Ghiani, Giuditta Sireus

December 11th at 4.00 pm – Villacidro, Don Bosco Theater
Maura Gancitano presents “Specchio delle mie brame” – Einaudi Editore
Dialogue with the writer Claudia Sarritzu

16th December at 5.00 pm – Cagliari, MEM – Mediterranean Media Library
Greetings and welcome: Gabriela Podda and Giuditta Sireus
Conference for a critical and reasoned re-reading of Jane Austen’s Pride and Prejudice by Giuseppe Ierolli
With the extraordinary participation and execution of Regency period dances by the National Historical Dance Company directed by Maestro Nino Graziano Luca

17th December at 11.00 am – Cagliari, MEM – Media library of the Mediterranean
Liliana Rampello presents Novels and other writings, Jane Austen Meridiano Mondadori

17.00 – Cagliari, Villa Vivaldi
Tea with Jane Austen. Narrated tasting of tea, places, society at the time of Jane Austen
The imaginary living room. Jane Austen meets Grazia Deledda and Virginia Woolf
Speakers: Giuseppe Ierolli, Jane Austen
Liliana Rampello, Virginia Woolf
Neria De Giovanni and Grazia Deledda
Coordinator Duilio Caocci
Readings by: Laura Fortuna and Daniel Dwerryhouse

December 18th from 10.00 – Cagliari, Siotto Foundation
Jane Austen, the international case
The Jane Austen club meets the Jane Austen Society of Australia, Emirates and Spain
Letters to Jane Austen Second Edition Awards Ceremony
The competition jury intervenes: Gabriela Podda, Giuseppe Ierolli, Liliana Rampello, Patrizia Mureddu, Alessandra Ghiani

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